Monday, December 24, 2012

ixos power condition 大特價, 169 英鎊減到 9英鎊?

原價: 169.99

特價: 9.99 (再加5.99 英國本地郵費)

連運費直接送到香港: $689

ixos 是一部老牌子,老公看到大減價,第一時間在facebook 登出來

現在全部貨品會用快遞送到你手上,匯率變成 13.8 , 所以比以前店面交收抵


XHP420 Flat Panel Power Conditioner

  • IXOSAFE.T™ Circuitry-Level IV delivers extraordinary AC protection for all components
  • Progressive Stage Protection offers maintenance-free surge-suppression
  • Linear AC Filtering Technology virtually eliminates RF and EMI noise to deliver optimum performance regardless of load conditions
  • Includes brackets for mounting behind the flat panel display for invisible installation
  • 2 non-switched outlets with reset switch

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