Friday, October 25, 2013

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Lakeland 12 Hole Cake Pop Maker

雖然賣相好街邊雞蛋仔機,但其實呢部係整球狀既蛋糕仔或迷你冬甩,只須焗約4分鐘,就可以做到12個蛋糕仔,仲可以外加朱古力醬及花生粒等,造成不同有趣造型,整俾小朋友就一流喇。唔知用左港式雞蛋仔配方係咪都可以整到街邊雞蛋仔呢?! (附上6種食譜)


*有興趣者,請電郵 或 PM 我們,我們會儘快跟進,可以HSBC及paypal方式過數。

You really love our 6 Hole Cake Pop Maker so, for those of you who just can’t get enough of these yummy treats, we’re delighted to introduce our new 12 hole version. Of course, cake pops can be made with pre-baked cake but if you prefer to make yours from scratch, our bakers make it simple.

Follow the recipe, spoon the mixture into the cake pop maker and, in around 4 minutes, you’ll have perfectly cooked spherical cakes, ready to be popped onto a lolly stick and decorated!

Also ideal for baking mini doughnuts, just roll hot doughnuts in sugar for a great afternoon treat. They are even better if you inject the centre with some of your favourite jam!

21 x 26 x 9cm H. (8¼" x 10¼" x 3½").




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