Wednesday, March 21, 2012

QED Qonduit MDH2 MDH4 MDH6


The QED Qonduit mains conditioning hub unit in a 2 socket version, offering mains filtering and surge protection for your whole system. A simple yet effective mains block.
- Power supply and protection for all hi-fi and home cinema equipment
- Triple level surge protection - reduces transient surges up to IEC 610000-4-4 level 2 and suppresses all transients above 0.8kV
- Each socket individually filtered and isolated from interference and surges
- Power amplifier filtered socket (for hi-fi and home cinema amplifiers)
- Source equipment filtered socket for (DVD/CD player, satellite box etc)
- Operating Voltage: 220-240v ac
- Operating Frequency: 50-60Hz
- Voltage Protection Level: 0.8kV
- Amplifier socket: 2kW max
- Source socket (x1):100W max


全部連郵費,尖沙咀gi 商場自取 (一定要訂哦!)

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