Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eclipse TD510 Loudspeakers $17240 3色

以下系E姐同老公對話 (真實版)
E:好cute 呀!
老公:喇叭要睇 聲有幾靚,不是看外表
老公: florence 都話如果凈睇外表,不睇內在美,呢類男人唔好要


$17420 送到尖沙咀 gi 商場交收

The Eclipse TD series is based around two channels of rich stereo sound. Continuing the precedent established by the 512, the first product in the series, the new TD510 has a compact 10cm aperture that improves high-frequency performance while producing tight low-frequency performance that is remarkable for its size. The TD510 and TD508II are mountable and feature a variable angle pivot which brings flexibility to the projection of the speakers in any realistic environment. Using identical speakers will give you the optimal multi channel experience. Free from enclosure colouration, these speakers will also give you the flexibility to combine the models.

The greatest benefit of the Eclipse TD series is its premium spatial reproductive capabilities, which accurately reproduce waveforms from a full range of stereo, multiple, or theater sound sources. During the film-making process, engineers design an omni-dimensional sound. Conventional systems deliver sound hampered by enclosure colouration, which is multiplied in each channel. Only by adopting the Time Domain principal, Eclipse TD speakers able to reproduce these waveforms faithfully, the way the engineers intended them to be heard. They surpass commercial cinemas and give you the true experience at home.

The improved design of the new TD510 and TD508II increases setup possibilities, complimenting a greater variety of décor and giving you the freedom to customize your theater space to fit your lifestyle. The new Eclipse TD series combines form and function and is available in black, white and silver. They fit in with any interior design concept and complement conversation rather than overwhelm it. They are subtle enough to blend in, yet bold enough to suit an atmosphere that sets trends, not follows them.

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