Monday, April 30, 2012

Logitech Harmony one Advanced $1835 送到香港

香港行貨價: $2399

Eve 姐養貓價: $1835 送到香港包貓毛

平$564 (家用比多d, 老細開心d)

The Logitech Harmony One programmable remote control is sure to make your life less cluttered by controlling up to 15 different pieces of equipment from one great looking device. The remote features a 2.2 inch (5.6cm), colour touch-screen designed for 'one-touch' operation. Simply choose the activity you want, such as 'Watch a DVD', and the remote will power up and configure your TV, DVD, and sound system, and even start the DVD! 

Easily programmable through the built in USB connection and simple programming wizard the Harmony One is very straight-forward to configure. Logitech's ever-expanding online database contains information and settings for over 175,000 devices from over 5,000 manufacturers and is constantly growing. This easy to use system ensures that the Harmony One never becomes out of date.

The remote can control up to 15 devices and can even learn commands from old remote controls, simply by pointing them at the Harmony One. The remote is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and is supplied with a handy recharging cradle ensuring that the device is always charged and to hand.

The Harmony One has a sleek design with customisable colour themes for it's screen and backlit controls making it easy to find the functions you need - even in the dark. The Harmony One Universal Remote Control will be a luxurious addition to your living room.

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