Friday, April 13, 2012

Mordaunt-Short Mezzo System B - $29740

 可以 $29740 送到香港 (我英國收到後5天內到)

A premium Mezzo system, with floorstanders at the front to deliver a pure sound for stereo as well as home cinema surround.

With two floorstanding Mezzo 6 speakers for front left and right channels, our Mezzo Premium 5.1 System ensures you get the best from both home cinema surround sound and stereo music. It's ideal for larger rooms and high-end systems. A pair of Mezzo 1 speakers handle the rear channels, the dedicated Mezzo 5 handles dialogue in the centre and our stunning Mezzo 9 powerful 375W subwoofer handles home cinema bass.
Serious home cinema surround sound, truly great stereo music reproduction, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

This home cinema system contains:
  • 1 pair x Mezzo 1 bookshelf speakers
  • 1 pair x Mezzo 6 floorstander speakers
  • 1 single x Mezzo 5 centre speaker
  • 1 single x Mezzo 9 subwoofer

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